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Who is Sephardic Orthodox Rebbe Yitzchak Kaduri?

Who is Sephardic Orthodox Rebbe Yitzchak Kaduri?

Sometime before the year of 1895 in an Ottoman Turkish vilayets in either Baghdad or Basra (modern Iraq), the young Yitzhak began his life in the Jewish life of Torah study.  During his early years after his bar mitzvoth at thirteen he became a student in the yeshiva (Torah college) of the famed Jewish wise sage Ben Ish Chai.  While his friends were playing games, young Yitzhak was studying the immense depth and breadth of Torah studies. One of the most profound moments of his life was when he was blessed by the Wise Rabbi of Baghdad with the prophetic blessing that “he would live to see the revelation of the Mashiach.”  When the Torah sage died in 1904, Yitzhak Kaduri, still in his teens saw a great mentor pass from his life.

In the mid to late 1930s and into the 40s, the pogroms against the Jewish people in the Arabic countries rose extensively. It was in those same years that the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt collaborated with Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany in seeking to bring about the “Final Solution” for the Jewish people.  This collaboration was documented in the BibleSearchers article, “The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Muslim Brotherhood.” 

Leading what was called a tenuous lifestyle in the old land of Babylon, masses of Jewish people immigrated from the land of Babylon in the 40’s until the 70s.  The remaining Jews were forced to leave by illegal points of exit from the land of Iraq via the mountains of the Kurdistans.  As the 2004 Gulf War loomed on the horizon, only a dozen Jews were left the land of their Babylonian exile.   

According to an article on the Sephardic sages, Rabbi Kaduri, shlita immigrated to Israel during the 40s and began to teach at what is believed to be the oldest Yeshiva in the Land of Israel.  It was started 3700 years ago by Avraham Avinu (the Patriarch Abraham) at Bethel (Bet-El) as written in the Genesis (Sefer of Bereshyit.)

Genesis 12:8 - "And he (Abraham) removed from there to a mountain East of Bet-El, and he pitched his tent...and called upon the name of Hashem"

Reestablished in 1978, Yeshivat Bet-El was located about 20 minutes drive north of Jerusalem in a suburb of Bet-El (the Biblical Bethel).  The patriarchal presence of the rabbi blessed the Jewish people in that town.  His intervention for peace in the world, led to a personal friendship between Rabbi Kaduri and King Hussein of Jordan in 1998 following a message from the rabbi to the king to become involved in bringing peace to this world. 

A special road was built to the burial site of Aaron the High Priest especially so that Rabbi Kaduri could visit the shrine of Aaron, the ancient father of the Hebrew high priests.  As a personal guest of King Hussein, the rabbi was flown on the royal Jordanian helicopter, met the king at the airport in Jordan and was taken to pray at the gravesite of Aaron.    

The recent meeting and declaration by Rabbi Kaduri was featured live on Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio show, “matchilim MiBereishit” by the show host Yehoshua Meiri.  Here begins our present study on the rabbinic interpretation of the coming of the Maschiach of Yisra’el (Messiah of Israel).

When Rabbi Kaduri made his declaration, it was typed out by Yehoshua Meiri and given back to the elderly rabbi to proofread and sign as it being the truthful declaration of his message.  That same night, emissaries were quickly dispatched to the residence of the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, just before he departed that same evening to America.   He asked the Prime Minister to call upon the American Jewry as part of the Jews of the Diaspora to immigrate or make aliyah back to Israel.

Further pronouncements were soon coming with increasing frequencies that many devote Jews were beginning to doubt their reliability and veracity.  The week earlier, Rabbi Kaduri stated in an interview the following.

Rabbit Yitzhak Kaduri - "What can save the world from calamities is real repentance by Jews, who must increase acts of kindness towards one another... The cry of the many poor in Israel and the expulsion of Jews from their homes shakes the world... It's not for naught that this place (New Orleans) was hit, where many of our compatriots went to look for this-worldly lusts."

During the month of Elul, the days that came before the fall festival season of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succot was in the Jewish world a month of repentance.  This repentance is called tshuva.  The call to the Great Judgment Day of the Lord was preceded by the sounding of the Great Shofar reflected in the Book of Revelation as the 7th and Final Shofar (Trumpet) of the Lord, it will be followed by ten days of awe followed later by the Great Day of the Lord and the Final Judgment of all mankind in this era

The sounding of the shofar on the prior Jewish Year 5764 on September, 2004, and the act of judgment by the Lord of hosts was followed by the Great Tsunami on December 26, 2005.  This catastrophe of epic and Biblical proportions has been studied by the sages of Judaism over the past year in light of the future prophecies of the prophets of old.  In grand unison, they are pronouncing that the coming of the messiah of Israel is near. To them, it is very soon.

Rabbi Kaduri, as the senior and most respected of the sages of Israel is reflecting these opinions that were formerly shared in secret and forbidden to be written down.  They are now coming out boldly for the world to hear and understand.  As spoken in private in his own yeshiva and given to his students, in his learned opinion, the Sharon government will be that last Zionistic government of the “old era.” Global disasters will herald the redemptive process that will culminate in the arrival of the Maschiach of Yisra’el.  Very soon, another wave of natural disasters will strike this planet earth heralding the culmination of this redemption process. As reported, on Israel National News:

Baruch Gordon with Israel National News – “He is on record as saying that Sharon will be the last prime minister in Israel, and that the new government will already have leadership of the Messianic era.”
Kabbalistic Elder Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri

If the announcement during his seminary session on September 14, 2005 with his students was not startling enough, Baruch Gordon with Israel National News on October 19, 2005 wrote the following article called,
Leading Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel - More Disasters Coming which gave the following account. 

During the ten days of awe just preceding Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment on October, 2005, the grandson of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, held a private audience with his grandfather the elder Rabbi.  This meeting was witnessed and documented by a journalist from Arutz-7, who had close ties with the Kaduri court.  During this session, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri posed the following question to his grandfather, "Not many Jews are coming from overseas. Why should they come?" Rabbi Kaduri responded:

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri - "Because of impending danger." …."Be extremely protective of your lives." (Deuteronomy 4:15) 

During this meeting the elder and the younger Kaduri discussed the esoteric concepts referred to by the elder Kabbalist as the "struggle between the oceans." The large oceans called the Haokeanus hagodol would strike the world

Kabbalistic Elder Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri

This “struggle” began in 2004 with the four hurricanes that plowed into the State of Florida: Charley (145 mph winds), Francis (over 105 mph winds), Ivan (maximum 165 mph winds) and Jeanne (120 mph winds).

Part of this striking was a warning to the Jews in America.  They were to take note of the hurricane disasters in 2005 as Hurricane Katrina (highest winds at 175 mph and the costliest cyclone of all time at > $75 billion) hit New Orleans on August 31, 2005.  Then came the catastrophe of Hurricane Rita (maximum 175 mph winds and the strongest hurricane of all times with peak gusts at 235 mph) in eastern Texas on September 24, 2005.  This was followed by Hurricane Wilma (175 highest sustained winds and the most intense hurricane in the Atlantic, Gulf or Pacific at 882 mbar pressure) that hit Miami, Florida on October 24, 2005.  The portents that are to follow will only be of greater catastrophic proportion.  

According to the elder Rabbi, the catastrophes are not over.  “Another wave of natural disasters will strike the world.”  As the session closed, the elder Rabbi Yitzhak told his grandson, Rabbi Yosef that on Yom Kippur more would be revealed.

It was on Yom Kippur, the students of Rabbi Kaduri were sitting in his class at  his Jerusalem Nachalat Yitzhak Yeshiva Seminary in the Bucharim neighborhood of Jerusalem for the afternoon Mincha prayer. The Kabbalist scholar surprised his students and those that were worshipping with them with additional “secrets relating to the coming of the Mashiach.”

Estimated to be between 104 to 116 years of age, this Sephardic rabbinic sage sat with his head bowed for over forty five minutes in a deep mystical concentration between the Mincha (afternoon) and Ma’ariv (evening) prayers.  The students and attendants were beginning to get concerned fearing for the Rabbi who covered his eyes as though he were reciting the Sh’ma prayer but they could not hear but only see his lips moving.  Fearing a seizure or some sort of a neurological attack they tried to communicate with him but the visionary depth of concentration could not be broken. 

When he raised his head and looked around the room at his students and other worshippers, he gave a broad smile to them.  This beam of delight was a signal to his disciples that he had received a revelation.  In Hebrew he spoke, 'Hit'abra bezrat hashem nishmat mashiach b'adam m'yisrael'.

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri - "With the help of G- d, the soul of the Mashiach has attached itself to a person in Israel"

The attendees were heard murmuring in the surrounding room as the elder rabbi spoke.  It was then repeated for those who could not hear him.  For years, this esteemed Sephardi Kabbalist sage had instructed his students concerning the Final Redemption.  The prophetic insight from Kaduri’s teachings comes from the calculations of the Vilna Gaon and his views concerning the final redemption which appear in the Gaon's writings.  These writings are considered by Jewish rabbis to be cryptic and very difficult to decipher.

According to the writings of the Vilna Gaon, a “Sign of the Gog and Magog War” began when the American War on Terror  against  Afghanistan broke out on the Jewish holiday of Hoshana Rabba (the 7th day of the Sukkot holiday), just after the conclusion of the 7th or shemittah  agricultural sabbatical year.

Tributes to Israel’s great  Sage of Judaism
The Death of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri - January 28, 2005

As this article was in the completion stage, the greatest modern sage of Judaism, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri closed his eyes for the last time on Saturday evening January 28, 2006 about 10:00 pm.  His age was in dispute as nobody really knew but the impact that he had upon the Jewish mind was phenomenal. With insights into Torah that even the great rabbinic minds cannot meet, he was blessed to give the hope to his people that the promise of the Messiah was alive and well and that the messiah would come to set the stage for their redemption. 

This study has been a great blessing to me as I was privileged to peer into the fertile minds of the mystical sages of Judaism.  In reading hundreds of bloggers searching their own souls with the trying events in the Holy Land today, all I can say is Baruch Hashem (Thanks be to God) for bringing a shining light that could pierce the darkness as the God of Israel is withdrawing His protecting hand away from this planet. Why would He do so?  So that evil will be exposed to its fullest so that the Glory of the Lord will shine in its fullness.  Many blessings to those who sorrow in grief.  The protecting hand of your God will comfort and protect you all.

The Messianic revival in Israel today is huge.  Consider the fact that 300,000 Jews were at the funeral of this Jewish rabbi who claimed to have seen the future Jewish messiah.  Any city with a funeral with 300,000 in attendance would gain international attention but the world press was silent.  The international television commentators were silent.  The internet articles were virtually silent. 

Here we see in stark detail the force of the of the globalist media that control the airwaves of Israel and America.  They are the Erev Rav (mixed multitude) for these globalists are not only internationalists and Transnationalists, they are also assimilated Jews. There mission to the final realization of the Maschiach of Yisra’el (Messiah of Israel) is now unfolding.  This was the mission that they carried also in the wilderness around Sinai (Horeb) when in that day the God of Israel came down to “dwell among His people” and gave to them the Holy Torah.  By their complaining and the making of the golden calf, their mission was to distract, deceive and to take attention away from the holiness of the God of Israel and the covenant that He wanted to make with His people. 

For those who think that the Jews are not a part of the prophecies at the time of the end, “Rethink again.”  The God of Israel will come to claim His own, not because they are so righteous or so good but because He promised to honor His covenant with them and to honor His Holy Name.

Over 300,000 at Funeral of World´s Senior Kabbalist Rabbi

Israel National News - Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, known as the "Senior Kabbalist Elder," passed away last night in Jerusalem. Over 300,000 people participated in his funeral. Rabbi Kaduri, who commemorated his 105th birthday several months ago, had been in serious condition for the last two weeks in Bikur Cholim Hospital, where he was cared for by his personal physician. Police closed off Jerusalem streets for the Sunday afternoon funeral, which became one of the largest ever in a city known for large funerals. The funeral began at noon at Yeshivat Nachalat Yitzchak, in the Bucharim neighborhood, between Geulah and Shmuel HaNavi. Rabbis Ovadiah Yosef and Mordechai Eliyahu eulogized him, as did President Moshe Katzav. Rabbi Kaduri was buried in the Mt. Menuchot cemetery.

Students of the righteous rabbi say that the blessing of the Ben Ish Chai (considered the leading rabbi of Sephardic Jewry, d. 1904) and that of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - both of whom blessed him that he might live to see the Final Redeemer - came true. The rabbi's closest followers say that Rabbi Kaduri told them he met the Messiah on Cheshvan 9, 5764 (Nov. 4, 2003). He reportedly said that the Messiah is not promoting himself, and that a study of his [Rabbi Kaduri's] words in recent months would provide hints of his identity. "He is not saying, 'I am the Mashiach, give me the leadership.' Rather the nation is pushing him to lead them, after they find [in my words] signs showing that he has the status of Mashiach." So said Rabbi Kaduri to one of his close relatives. Rabbi Kaduri was also quoted of late as saying that the imminent arrival of the Mashiach will "save Jerusalem from Islam and Christianity that wish to take Jerusalem from the Jewish Nation - but they will not succeed, and they will fight each other." This past Yom Kippur, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, Rabbi Kaduri said, "Jews must come to the land of Israel to receive our righteous Mashiach, who has begun his influence and will reveal himself in the future."
Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, spiritual leader of much of Sephardic Jewry in Israel today, announced, "We are in mourning over the Elder of the Kabbalists, a remnant of the Great Assembly, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri."
Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger expressed his great sorrow "over the taking of the great righteous Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, of blessed memory. He was a great and humble tzaddik [righteous person]. In his greatness, he dedicated his days and nights to blessing Jews, to pray for Israel, and he felt the pain of those who turned to him for all their troubles. Rabbis from around the country and the world admired him and asked for his blessing."
A statement released by President Moshe Katzav's office said the president "is pained by the death of the important and accomplished rabbi whose reputation is world-renowned. Rabbi Kaduri, one of the great rabbis of the Jewish People, was noted for his love of Israel and in his second-to-none expertise in Kabbalah, contributed to Jewish unity, and was a source of inspiration for the Jewish People in Israel and around the world."

Rabbi Kaduri came to the Holy Land in 1923, where he learned in Yeshivat Porat Yosef in Jerusalem. He studied Kabbalah under the tutelage of Rabbi Ephraim Cohen and Rabbi Salman Eliyahu (father of former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu). Rabbi Kaduri's son said there were only 60 Kabbalists in the Holy Land at the time, and that only one who prayed for 15 years with "Rashash intentions" was accorded that status.

When the Old City of Jerusalem was captured by the Jordanians in 1948, the Yeshiva was evacuated to the Bucharim Quarter. Rabbi Kaduri studied Kabbalah there until 1970, when such study was stopped in Yeshivat Porat Yosef. He also studied for many years in Yeshivat Beit El on Rashi St. in Jerusalem, and then moved with his students to found a new institution called Yeshivat Nachalat Yitzchak.

Rabbi Kaduri engaged in bookbinding. He perused all the books he bound, including many old manuscripts which he "photographed" in his memory. Graced with a phenomenal memory, he was said to have known the entire Babylonian Talmud by heart. "In one instance," a source close to him relates, "in disagreement with a leading Halakhic authority of today, Rabbi Kaduri smiled in his inimitable manner, lifted his hand to the bookshelf and immediately opened to the right page, proving his point. The [other] rabbi was astonished at his familiarity with the [non-Kabbalistic] sources."

300,000 Mourners accompany Burial of Revered Israeli Kabbalist in Jerusalem

Israel Insider – “An estimated 200,000 people filled the streets of Jerusalem Sunday for the funeral of Rabbi Yitzhak Kadouri, regarded as the most senior of spiritual leaders in the mystical Jewish tradition of Kabbalah. He was believed to be about 106. Kadouri, a leader of the Kabbalah school of Jewish mystical thought, died Saturday of complications from pneumonia after his liver failed during an operation. Even at his advanced age, Kadouri was sought out for blessings by believers suffering from illnesses or seeking heavenly favors.

Israel's president and chief rabbis eulogized Kadouri at a rabbinical seminary before a huge funeral procession snaked through Jerusalem to the cemetery at the outskirts of the city. "Thousands and thousands of people have benefited from his blessings - cancer patients, heart patients, couples without children," said Moshe Nimni, his chief aide. People seeking blessings would crowd his house and sometimes line up outside, waiting for an unintelligible incantation.

For the last decade, the frail, thin Kabbalist with the wispy white beard and trademark cylindrical headgear did not speak loudly enough to be heard. His pronouncements were relayed by his sons, who would lean down and place their ears close to his lips. Despite his great prestige, Kadouri retained his modest lifestyle to the end of his days: Kadouri's appeal was mostly among Jews of Middle East origin. A reported word from the venerated rabbi could move political mountains…
In 2000, a little-known parliamentary backbencher named Moshe Katsav ran for Israeli president against the world-renowned Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shimon Peres. Katsav won a shocking victory after Kadouri said he had a "vision" that Katsav was favored by the heavens - and all 17 members of Shas, an Orthodox Jewish party, voted for Katsav, now Israel's president.
In 1999, Kadouri galvanized opposition to an emerging peace deal with Syria in exchange for the strategic Golan Heights, captured by Israel in the 1967 war. At a Shas rally, he proclaimed that the plateau "must not be given back to the gentiles." The talks fell through a year later. Shas used the ancient rabbi as a rallying point in several elections. Once he was in such demand that Shas politicos bundled him into a helicopter and flew him over several election gatherings to spread his spiritual grace over as wide an area as possible.
Kadouri took on world figures, as well. In 1998, he pronounced a curse on Saddam Hussein, willing him to be removed from power. "Let fear fall upon them (the Iraqis)," he said, after Saddam threatened Israel. "Let the curse be transferred to them." Pop star Madonna did not escape his critical gaze, either. One of the most prominent of the glitterati who have taken up Kabbalah, Madonna made a high-energy trip to Israel in 2004, including a midnight visit to the grave of a sage. Kadouri was not moved. "It is forbidden to teach Kabbalah to a non-Jew," he said, dismissing the new movement in its entirety. According to Jewish tradition, mysticism and Zohar, the mystical book at the base of Kabbalah, are so complicated and even dangerous that only Jews over the age of 40 can approach them.
The source of Kadouri's appeal is hard to pinpoint. While recognized as a kabbalist, or a Jewish scholar steeped in the methods of Zohar, Kadouri never published a notable work or made a groundbreaking discovery or religious revelation. "Like all mystical and mythical figures, the fact that Rabbi Kadouri has recently been less productive and communicative doesn't affect his acclaim," Avishai Ben Haim, the Maariv newspaper's reporter on ultra-Orthodox affairs, told Army Radio recently. "Unlike other rabbis ... Rabbi Kadouri never sought a public. He is all about aura."  It often appeared that his age alone was a magnet of attraction and reverence. Ben Haim calculated Kadouri was 106, Israel Radio reported his age as 108, and Nimni, his aide, said he was "at least 112 or 113." Records of his birth, if they ever existed, are long gone.”

Rav Kaduri, zatza'l
By Rabbi Lazer Brody on Lazer Beams

Rabbi Lazer Brody - Rav Yitzchak Kaduri zatza’l (of saintly and blessed memory) - the world's beloved 108-year-old sage and Kabbalist master - returned his soul to the Creator earlier today after Shabbos terminated, following a 2-week bout with pneumonia. Words cannot describe the tremendous loss that Rav Kaduri's passing causes for the Jewish people. Rav Kaduri devoted his entire life to Hashem, the Torah, and the Jewish people. Thousands benefited from his blessings and guidance. May Hashem in His ever loving mercy end our long and arduous exile, and send a complete redemption to the Jewish people. May the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim be comforted, and may our agony - especially at the loss of our holy tzaddikim - turn into the joy of Geula and Moshiach, speedily in our days, amen.

Rav Kaduri's prime disciple, Rav Shmuel Darsi of blessed memory, left this world several short weeks ago, another gigantic and irreplaceable loss to the Jewish people. The loss of tzaddikim makes us all spiritual orphans; may Hashem take compassion on His people Israel, amen.

By Rabbi Lazer Brody on Lazer Beams

Rabbi Lazer Brody – “With the passing of Rav Kaduri, of blessed and saintly memory, some people are telling me that they just don't feel the light of Hashem, and that they'd be much more inclined to strengthen their faith and observance if they could receive a mini-revelation and a small taste of Hashem's light rather than more bad news. They had heard that Rav Kaduri would lead us to Moshiach, and now this hope has floated away too.

Before his death, the famed Toldos Aaron rebbe, Rebbe Aaron Rota zatza'l, warned that the time before Moshiach would be a period of deep spiritual darkness - the supreme test of faith. But, those who don't get discouraged - and cling to their pure and simple faith - will invoke the Divine compassion that is not only needed to survive turbulent times, but shall also hasten the Geula.

The death of tzaddikim is a "hastora", the concealment of Hashem's Divine light. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches that the period preceding Moshiach is a "hastora betokh hastora", or double concealment. But, just like Olympic gymnastics, for level of difficulty you score higher points. When emuna (faith) comes hard, the rewards are beyond our wildest dreams. Hold on, don't give up hope, and keep the faith no matter what - that's the key to staying on your feet in this insane world. Above all, be happy and don't ever despair. Hashem can hide all He wants, but He's always here - close by - and that's a solemn promise from your friend Lazer.”

The Man Who Met Mashiach and Other Musings
By Dov Bar Lieb with Years of Awe Blogsite on End of Days

Maggid Dov Bar-Lieb - Rav Yitskhak Kaduri has passed on to become our most esteemed, new "Malitz Yosher" (a direct advocate in the Heavenly Court on behalf of Klal Yisrael). He lived through four generations and in three of Edom's centuries until the age of 108. And just last week he woke up from a coma for one hour and forty minutes to give one of his esteemed students the signs of the Redeemer that has come to Tzion, who is still hidden from view. He himself met Mashiach two years ago, according to Yehoshua Meiri of Arutz-7, on the 9th of Cheshvan 5764.

Much has happened during the last week. (January 23-30, 2006)

1. The passing of the Sage and Tzaddik, Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt”l. May his family be comforted among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.
2. The divine blessing of the election of Hamas, forever exposing the true nature of our "peace partners" and next door neighbors. As for yours truly they live on the opposing hill just to our west, Kalendria.
3. The continued Persian resistance to European and American demands that they curtail their nuclear program. the audacity of those Persians, that they tell the West that they have a principle deeper than getting filthy rich from their oil. This, of course, is true despite the sinister nature of their principle.
4. The continuing saga of "The Shepherd" as fewer and fewer people bandy about the possibility that he will ever wake up, much less stage a recovery. Yet, he remains on life-support with the official status of temporary incapacitation so that the next person in line to become temporary PM in Likud cannot ascend to the throne. By keeping him on the perpetual recovery list, Armilus (Ehud "speck of human debris" Olmert) can continue to act as Gog W.'s hatchet man. As soon as "The Shepherd" is declared a permanent lost cause, Binyamin Netanyahu becomes Prime Minister. So much for the possibility that he will be declared a permanent lost cause before March 28th. Perhaps G-d has an unrevealed plan that has not yet been revealed. Barring this, expect Sharon to remain temporarily incapacitated and not permanently so until the end of March.5. Now that "Ma'aleh Makom" Ehud Armilus is the Erev Rav's CEO for the next two months, expect mayhem and destruction in his wake. He may have been thrown for a loop because of Hamas's not so bewildering victory, but he will recover with his hatred for G-d fearing settlers in full view. What is next? Armona? the Shalhevet Pass neighborhood in Chevron? To where will his hatred boomerang? San Francisco? New York? How many people will be left homeless in America as a result of Armilus's goose step to Gog W's and Co Rice's (Koresh's) orders?
It looks like an article about the 33rd level of purity is necessary now in order to understand how Israel is the only qualified candidate to lead Mankind to the 34th level of purity and the 35th century after the Torah was given to us as an eternal heritage. We are now at 3317 years and counting.
In addition to this, a reflection over the sequence of events since Amir Peretz unseated Shimon Peres as Labor Party Chairman is in order. That occurred over two months ago. The pace and the sequence of events over the last ten weeks has caught my attention. It looks as if the "Purim Plot is Continuing After All." Is G-d sewing the light of Mashiach ben David? If this is the case, should we expect that the victor of elections in March will be the much maligned Mashiach ben Yosef? Ahah! I caught you all by surprise! Of course, perhaps these elections will not take place after all. Armilus is the last leader of Israel as a lowly kingdom run by the Erev Rav after all. But if these elections do take place, and if the scepter changes hands,.... Just think to yourselves. Who here in Eretz Yisrael has benefited more than any other human being from all of this divine intervention over the last ten weeks?”
Rav Kaduri – “Baruch Dayan Emes”

Mystical Paths – “Blessed is the True Judge. We note with sadness the passing of the great and holy sage, the master mekubal (kabbalist) of our time, Rabbi Yitzchok Kaduri, zt”l. His prayers shook the heavens for K'lal Yisroel (the Jewish people), and his wisdom of the mystical and the revealed was beyond measure.”

Revered Rabbi Kadouri Dies at 108
by Leah Rafaeli with Lekarev Report

Leah Rafaeli – “Elder Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri passed away Saturday night at Jerusalem's Bikur Cholim Hospital. His funeral will take place Sunday at noon. Rav Kaduri, born in 1898, was 108 years old and was the leading Kabbalist Rabbi. He was hospitalized for 13 days prior to his death.

Rabbi Kaduri made Aliyah (moved to Israel) in 1908. He then returned to Iraq to study with the famed Ben Ish Chai, and later returned to the Holy Land in 1916. He studied in Yeshivat Porat Yosef in the Old City of Jerusalem, and later in Yeshivat Nachlat Yitzchak in Jerusalem's Bucharian neighborhood. The Rabbi quickly gained a reputation for his profound study of Torah and Kabbalah, his piercing insights, and his great piety.

Former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the Council of Sages of the Shas Party said, "We are mourning the passing of the elder kabbalist, the remnant of the Great Assembly, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri." For most of his life Rabbi Kaduri was unknown to the general public. He led a modest life of study and prayer and worked as a bookbinder.

President Moshe Katsav praised the rabbi for his love of Israel, and his efforts to unite secular and religious Jews. "The president is pained by the death of the important rabbi, whose name was known in Israel and abroad," the President's Office said in a statement. "Rabbi Kaduri, among the greatest rabbis of Israel and the Jewish people, was characterized by his love for Israel, and an unmatched familiarity with the Kabbala. Rabbi Kaduri was known for his great modesty and humble lifestyle, and dedicated himself to the needs of the people of Israel."

When a Sage Leaves This World
by Leah Rafaeli with Lekarev Report

Leah Rafaeli – “While many of us may have our own concepts of what Kabbalah is - or is not (admitting that our opinions are often based on hearsay rather than personal research), nevertheless, when man comes to the end of his life, it is not what he knows intellectually, but how he has lived that matters most.

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri lived a humble, prayerful and deeply spiritual life, affecting thousands for good. He embraced the secular Jew along with the religious Jew and sought to unify the people of Israel in a spirit of love and kindness. A light has gone out in the midst of Israel. His holiness will be missed, along with his teaching and example.

Hannah Senesh, executed at the age of 23 in Hungary during World War II, penned these words during her short life and they are most appropriate today with regard to Rabbi Kaduri. Would that they would be an appropriate eulogy for each one of us when we depart this life!

There are stars whose radiance is visible on earth though they have long been extinct. There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world though they are no longer among the living. These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark. They light the way for mankind.”

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